About Us

Exceeding expectations is the driving force behind Unico Commercial Corporation.  This can only be achieved by listening to customer needs, understanding all the objectives, anticipating potential obstacles and performing the work on time and on budget.  This simplistic approach has allowed Unico to attract new customers, establish long-term relationships and generate a successful referral business.

Unico was started by Tom Carnacchi in 1985, who grew up learning the construction trade from his father and grandfather.  Tom was taught to do things right or not do them at all.  Tom started with small projects and created a reputation as a solution provider to any construction challenge that was proposed to him.  As unico grew Tom surrounded himself with high-quality, experienced and like-minded individuals to be apart of his contracting team.

The Unico team has been able to adapt to the changing construction industry marketplace by offering inspection and movie set building services.  Our professionals can help your company achieve its custom set of construction requirements.  Call or e-mail us from this website to discuss your particular needs and get a custom quotation today.

Our clients include: First Industrial, Moosejaw, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Lear/IAC, Flag Medical, Oxford Medical, Henry Ford Hospital, Mr. Pita, Ben & Jerry's, Mrs. Fields and Shilla's.